Proceedings of the RCDL 2012

Invited Talk: Digital Curation as a Key Component in Research Infrastructures: From Data Preservation to Processes Preservation and Verification [ slides]
Andreas Rauber

Tutorial: Content-based Retrieval on Very Large Visual Document Archives [ slides]
Giuseppe Amato

Metadata, their Properties, Functions and Classifications [ slides]
Mikhail Kogalovsky

Ontology-based Approach Towards Integration of Geographical Information System with Digital Collections of Scientific Publications [ slides]
Vladimir Vdovitsyn, Aleksandr Polin

Conceptual Model of Research Publication [ slides]
Valeriy Reznichenko, Galina Proskudina, Olga Ovdii

The Technology of Aggregated Science Citation Indexes Formation [ slides]
Olga Obuhova, Maxim Zaikin, Ivan Soloviev

Unification of an Array Data Model for the Integration of Heterogeneous Information Resources [ slides]
Sergey Stupnikov

Mapping of the NoSQL Data Models to Object Specifications [ slides]
Nikolay Skvortsov

Big Data Initiative: Programs, Platforms and Forecasts [ slides]
Leonid Kalinichenko

Oracle for Big Data [ slides]
Andrey Pivovarov

Oracle Technologies for Analysis and Study of Big Data [ slides]
Olga Gorchinskaya

Oracle Tools for Private Clouds [ slides]
Dmitry Ermoshin

Using of Grid-Infrastructure for Distributed Processing and Storage of Enormous Amount of Data (Hundred’s of Petabytes) [ slides]
Vladimir Korenkov

About the Decoding of Handwritten Historical Documents [ slides]
Aleksandr Rogov, Artem Skabin, Ivan Shterkel

The Automatic Sentiment Text Classification Method Based on Emotional Vocabulary [ slides]
Maria Klekovkina, Eugeny Kotelnikov

The Method of Detecting Structure Changes of News Websites [ slides]
Arkady Andreev, Dmitry Berezkin, Ilya Kozlov, Konstantin Simakov

Investigation of the English Version of the Wikipedia Categories Graph [ slides]
Alexander Shkotin

Application of BIRCH to text clustering [ slides]
Ilya Karpov, Alexandr Goroslavskiy

Document Ranking in Ontology-Based Information Retrieval System [ slides]
Vladimir Vdovitsyn, Viktor Lebedev

Machine Learning of Visually Similar Images Search [ slides]
Alexey Varlamov, Ruslan Sharapov

Geographical Search in Information Systems Using Retrospective Thesaurus [ slides]
Danil Skachkov, Oleg Zhizhimov

Using Information Visualization at JINR Document Server [ slides]
Tatyana Zaikina, Irina Filozova, Genis Musulmanbekov

Retrieval of Optimal Subspace Clusters Set for an Effective Similarity Search in a High-Dimensional Spaces [ slides]
Ivan Sudos

Automatic Assessment of Similarity of the Texts’ Thematic Content on the Base of Their Formalized Semantic Descriptions Comparison [ slides]
Viktor Zakharov, Alexey Khoroshilov

Dynamic Frequency Features as the Basis for the Structural Description of Diverse Linguistic Objects [ slides]
Elena Yagunova, Dmitry Lande

Searching Referential Relationships between the Information Objects During the Automatic Document Processing [ slides]
Alexey Seryj, Elena Sidorova

About the Automation of the Complex Analysis of Russian Poetic Text [ slides]
Vladimir Barakhnin, Olga Kozhemyakina

Database of Binary Stars (BDB)
Pavel Kaygorodov, Oleg Malkov, Dana Kovaleva

Integration of Software Systems for Astrophysical Observations Support [ slides]
Olga Zhelenkova, Vladimir Chernenkov, Vladimir Shergin, Tatyana Plyaskina

Information System for Library Services [ slides]
Svetlana Shikota, Sergey Krashakov, Lev Shchur

From the ZOOINT System to the ZOODIV System [ slides]
Igor Smirnov, Andrey Lobanov, Oleg Pugachev, Aleksandr Kirejtshuk, Viktor Krivohatsky, Mikhail Dianov, Roman Khalikov, Aleksey Golikov, Elena Voronina

Creating an Automated Online Collection on Large-Scale Topographic and Military Archival Russian Land-Maps of the XIX Century [ slides]
Vladimir Shekotilov

Digital Scientific Library of Quantitative Spectroscopy Publications [ slides]
Zinaida Apanovich, Pavel Vinokurov, Alexey Akhlyostin, Alexey Privezentsev, Alexander Fazliev

Ontological Modeling and Publishing Data on Protected Natural Parks [ slides]
Konstantin Kuznetcov, Vladimir Serebriakov, Kirill Teymurazov, Evgeniya Ustinova, Dmitry Malakhov

Intelligent Tools for Semantic Web Navigator Design [ slides]
Igor Kuznetsov, Mikhail Charnine, Elena Kozerenko, Nikolay Somin, Vladimir Nikolaev, Andrey Matskevich

Digital Collection of Biographic Facts [ slides]
Natalia Markova

Experience of Development and Support of Full-Text Databases of Unpublished Documents
Nina Avdeeva

Conceptual Data Models in the Proper Attribution of Pulsars [ slides]
Arkady Avramenko

Structural and Fuctional Support of the Semantic Digital Book [ slides]
Irina Filozova, Vladimir Dobrynin

Information System for Crown Condition Monitoring Support for the ICP Forests International Ecological Monitoring in the Russian Federation [ slides]
Maxim Shashkov

On the way to new information systems theory [ slides]
Sergej Znamenskij

Platform for Digital Data and Document Archives Implementation [ slides]
Alexander Marchuk, Peter Marchuk

Building Real-Time Recommender Services with NoSQL [ slides]
Pavel Klemenkov

Evaluation of Recommender Systems Efficiency [ slides]
Sergey Amelkin

Iterative Pattern Extraction Using News Clusters [ slides]
Dmitry Kotelnikov, Natalia Loukachevitch

Automatic Document Linking [ slides]
Anna Knyazeva, Igor Turchanovsky, Oleg Kolobov

Services Structuring Mathematical Content and Integration of Digital Mathematical Collections into Scientific Information Space [ slides]
Alexander Elizarov, Denis Zuev, Eugene Lipachev, Michael Malakhaltsev

An Approach to the Automatic Fact Extraction from New Texts on Appointments and Dismissals [ slides]
Natalia Vlasova

Tagging of Digital Historical Images [ slides]
Fndrey Talbonen, Aleksandr Rogov

Security Storage and Transmission of Medical (Personal) Data for the Multilateral Exchange of Medical Information in Frame of "The International Space Station" program
Vladimir Pochuev, Anatoly Shulenin, Lilia Simaeva, Anton Skorokhodov, Ekaterina Kantemirova

Poster: Improvement of Text Classification Quality by Modifying the Training Set
Anton Kolesov

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